When January 10, 2016 at 4:00pm 3 hrs
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Feigenbutz holds the advantage, having scored a narrow points victory over De Carolis in their fiercely contested first encounter, but despite his previous success, the 20 year-old from Karlsruhe is keen to provide a more conclusive finish to their World title rematch. Speaking at today’s final pre-fight press conference, he said: ‘’We’ve not changed much in training, but this time I’m fully fit and will be able utilize all my power. I will be curious to see if Giovanni can withstand my punches. Of course, my main objective is to win and be crowned World Champion, but a knockout would be the icing on top!’’ It was Feigenbutz’s coach Hansi Brenner who attempted to provoke his protégé’s Italian opponent, likening their World title showdown to ‘Battle of the Teutoburg Forest’, which took place in 9AD and saw an alliance of Germanic tribes defeat an invading Roman army. ‘’2000 years after the ‘Battle of the Teutoburg Forest’, we have the ‘Battle of the Black Forest’,’’ said Brenner. ‘’Just as the Germans destroyed the Roman legions, Vincent will destroy Giovanni on Saturday night.’’ The provocation was lost on De Carolis, who responded: ‘’History may repeat itself – but not in the way Vincent and his team imagine. My form is outstanding, as Vincent will find out, and I’m ready for whatever he has to offer. I not only have Rome behind me, but the whole of Italy, and I will repay their support, by bringing the WBA World title home.’’ In their first fight Feigenbutz was knocked down in the first round and De Carolis was in control in the early rounds, but the younger Feigenburg finished strongly. However there were many rounds that could have been scored either way. The WBA world super middleweight champion is Fedor Chudinov from Russia, Feigenbutz (21-1; 19) won the interim title in July last year when he stopped Mauricio Reynoso in the third round. The only loss on his record was in his second fight against Roman Alesin in March 2012, who beat him on a third-round technical knockout. De Carolis (23-6; 11), who made his pro debut in November 2007, is the more experienced fighter and has possibly been in against better opposition and, in October 2013, only lost on points to the vastly experienced Arthur Abraham.



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